Interested in working together? For coaching, please fill out the application below. For consulting, feel free to schedule a phone or Skype introduction on the calendar below the application.

Apply here for a complimentary 90 minute coaching session.

I do a few of these sessions each month for people who are interested in having a coach to help them move forward, but are not quite sure how a coaching session works.

The best way to EXPLAIN IT TO you is to show you.

During the session I'll get to learn all about you and you'll experience real coaching. These sessions are done via Skype or telephone unless otherwise requested.

Once you fill out this form, your responses are sent directly to me. I will respond within 48 hours* with either a link to my calendar, or another recommendation if I think someone or something else is a better option for you.

*If after you submit the form you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please email me directly. Every so often the form decides to "error".

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What are you wanting to change? i.e. career, relationship status, level of health. There can be more than one area - and there often are. For example, your health has suffered because you're unhappy in your relationship or your job.
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Please answer as honestly as possible. Your answers are confidential. Think of how you've felt in the last few months.
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For small businesses interested in consulting services, please schedule a complimentary phone/Skype introduction below.

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